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Augsburg Wrestling Wiki is a user-editable encyclopedia about the Augsburg University wrestling program.

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About Augsburg Wrestling

The Augsburg wrestling team, founded in 1949, and first coached by Edor Nelson had humble beginnings compared the later successes. It took 13 season for the team to achieve what was to later be a given: a Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference title. 11 more years, coach Ron Pfeffer guided the team to school-best seventh place national finish and Pat Marcy claimed the 1972 NAIA 150 pound title.

In 1980, an Augsburg graduate from the year before, Jeff Swenson took over the program's reigns. Under Swenson, Augsburg claimed 10 National Championships and had 29 individual titlists. After retiring in 2007 after 25 years at the head of the program, Swenson retired as head coach. Assisted head coach Sam Barber headed the program for one season. After Barber left the program Mark Matzek took over, winning the 2010 National Championship while having three individual titlists. Jim Moulsoff took the reins following Matzek, before being joined as co-head coach with Tony Valek in 2019.

In 2019, Augsburg University added a Women's program. Emily Shilson captured the first individual title in program history in 2020.